Thursday, February 12, 2009

Our objectives

The objectives of CP-TAG to use CSR to build a all-winning network in order to serve a larger community of practitioners and benefactors including public/private higher learning educational institutions, non-governmental organizations, educational-based consultancies, and business organizations with the ultimate aim of organizational transformation to ensure sustainable living for all.

To raise the levels of awareness and drive amongst various parties including business and non-business organizations in terms of the importance of retooling, reimagining, and reengineering organizations oriented towards sustainable livelihoods

To extend ties and collaborative programmes with MNCs, SMIs and other business entities, with the aim of developing research-cum-service related consultancy on CSR

To develop a portfolio of CSR programs and knowledge know-how and products (such as workshops and transformative tools) through transdisciplinary-based expertise; hence simultaneously building theoretical and practical applications as well as indigenous CSR knowledge reservoir

To support BJIM in all CSR-related activities; thus building a stronger knowledge-based capacity for BJIM and USM to serve the community and promoting USM as the reference point for CSR and sustainable organization