Tuesday, January 13, 2009

About CP-TAG

CP-TAG was formally launched on September 11,2008 by the Dean of Social Sciences and the Dean of Management Universiti Sains Malaysia. The purpose is to promote and help build successful, sustainable and responsible organizations, especially among businesses in order to ensure long-term prosperity and sustainability.

The objectives is to extend ties and collaborative programmes with MNCs, SMIs and other business entities, with the aim of developing research-cumservice related consultancy on CSR. Furthermore CP-TAG tend to develop a portfolio of CSR programs and knowledge know-how and products (such as workshop and transformative tools) through transdisciplinary-based expertise; hence simultaneously building theoretical and practical applications as well as indigenous CSR knowledge reservoir.

CP-TAG team currently consists of a transdisciplinary group of academic scholars, and business counterpart many of whom are qualified and experienced in various fields. Besides CP-TAG areas of expertise covers community, environment, workplace, marketplace and corporate governance.

CP-TAG has organized the largest Malaysian CSR Research Expo with over a hundred entries. It has brought in businesses into the USM campus to provide short-term and long-term training and collaboration in the form of forums, workshops, internships and projects (e.g. with Intel, Porpoise Marketing, AIA and Talisman). Representatives of CP-TAG USM are also the founding members of the Penang CSR State committee which has carried out advisory consultations as well as on-going activities such as Penang CSR CEO Roundtable Workshop, Penang CSR Training Workshop and Penang Mega CSR Project.

The CP-TAG research team members have also carried out CSR work and initiatives in various capacities with other institutions, including Swedish International Development Agency (SIDA), Germany's Fraunhofer IFF Institute, and Surabaya's STIE Perbanas.

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