Saturday, November 24, 2007


Submissions for the PM’s CSR Awards should come under one or more of these seven categories. In cases where there is more than one submission from a particular company, separate entries will need to be prepared for them.

1. Education:

This award recognises companies that have made serious efforts to improve the level of education and skills of their employees and/or members of their community.

2. Environment:

Companies recognised for this award should demonstrate leadership and commitment to the improvement, preservation and protection of the environment. This would include successful projects or programmes in areas such as energy efficiency, waste reduction, green parks, protecting mangrove/peat swamps, deforestation, protecting lakes, rivers, and other natural areas.

3. Culture & HeritageMalaysia’s unique, diverse and vibrant national heritage is found in many different faces of the nation and expressed through customs, folklore, language and traditions. This category recognises companies that support the preservation of Malaysia’s heritage.

4. Community and Social WelfareThis award recognises a company’s efforts to uplift and support disadvantaged and marginalised members of the community through, for example, the care of orphans and the destitute, the empowerment of women, and the provision of opportunities to the poor, illiterate or disabled.

5. Small Company CSR:

This award is for the small or medium sized company that does not have the resources of a large company but nevertheless has successfully implemented CSR projects or programmes and shown that it is a socially responsible member of the community it serves.

6. Best CSR/Workplace Practices:

The company that has policies and programmes in place that reflect its respect and consideration for its employees. This could include diversity in the workplace, family friendly policies, regard for work-life balance of employees, dependence care, health and wellness, privacy, employee training and fostering lifelong learning.

7. Special Award:

Media ReportingThe is an award for excellence in journalism. It recognises the individual or organisation that has provided impactful and insightful coverage of corporate social responsibility programmes.


For the best overall CSR programme.

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